If you've found yourself saying, "Let's hire John Krasinski!...Ohhh right, we can't afford John Krasinski" - then Timmy Morgan is your guy. Timmy's 15+ years in VO and improv comedy have given him a natural ability to bring a relatable, fun, conversational, almost spontaneous tone to his read, not unlike John K. His voice can also naturally fit within more professional reads and heart-felt anthemic reads. His specialty in characters/impersonations also gives him a range that can meet other needs, whether it be a suave Englishman, a gritty gangster, a salt-of-the-earth Texan, a grumpy Larry David-like turtle, or a character that sounds suspiciously like Sir Michael Caine. In short, Timmy is versatile and will get you the read you want and maybe even give you a read you didn't know you wanted!


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